What we do

  1. Handshake
    We make commissioning bespoke jewellery simple – do it online in your own time, at a place to suit.
  2. Globe
    We bring local manufacture to a global audience making use of our jewellery makers excess capacity in the workshop, we offer a retail window to jewellery workshops globally.
  3. Community
    We support small and micro craftsperson businesses, and offer a supportive network for delivering craft skills to a retail audience.
  4. Designs
    We turn jewellery fans into jewellery designers – become part of the process of designing jewellery.
  5. Ok gesture
    MIMO empowers the customer – with no middleman, design team, or store front, we help make your dream jewels from your selected jeweler at the best price for you and the maker.
  6. What will you make?

Become part of the process of designing jewellery

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