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Holts Gems

London, United Kingdom

Holts Gems was established in 1948 by Mr R Holt who was a pre-war Jewish refugee from Vienna. Mr Holt arrived in London aged 16 and began to work as an apprentice diamond polisher in Clerkenwell, where the diamonds for the present Queens engagement were being cut and polished! He soon developed ambitions outside of diamond polishing and took up the lease of 98 Hatton Garden - a lease that Holts have just renewed for another 20 years!

We remain a family business over 70+ years later and we still have the same beliefs as our founder:

Sourcing precious coloured gemstones

Supporting traditional British master craftsmanship

Creating unique gemstone jewellery designs

Putting our customers first by sharing our knowledge

The world of Hatton Garden “London’s Jewellery Quarter”

Skills: bespoke jewellery with precious gemstones, bespoke engagement rings, bespoke wedding jewellery, jewellery design, gemstone sourcing, gemstone restoration, gemstone cutting, gemstone polishing, jewellery resetting, jewellery retipping

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