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Flitwick, United Kingdom

A professionally-trained jeweller, and a rising star on the international fine jewellery scene, Laura’s individually-developed process of crafting unique pieces of jewellery has ensured that she is fast becoming the go-to jeweller for key commissioned pieces and eye-catching occasion jewellery.

Laura Parra has an exceptional eye for detail. Her exacting techniques include creating miniature sculptures with wax droplets and beautifully setting precious stones at flowingly randomised angles into the wax before casting, which results in an incredibly fluid and organic feel to her luxurious pieces.

Each stunning piece of jewellery is handmade in the tranquillity of her workshop in Bedfordshire, combining traditional jewellery techniques with both contemporary silversmithing and her background in fine art and restoration. Stunning topaz, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are just some of the beautiful stones she uses to reflect her passion for the colour and vivacity of jewellery.

The inspirational grounding of her collections come from Barcelona architecture and the works of the Spanish architects masters, with a dose of Mediterranean colours. The vivacity she creates with coloured stones is show-stopping, Laura showcase her work in a gallery at Oxo Tower Wharf in Southbank, from where she has launch her Enlace Collection, delicate little sculpture set with coloured precios stones, In IJL she is launching her one-of-a-kind Rocks cocktail ring and Medieval Collection.

Whether it’s a piece for a special day, something to mark a significant event or just re-vamping an old piece of jewellery, Laura’s passion and vision for her clients is second to none.

Skills: Handmade jewellery with organic forms, one of a kind