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Origin 31


Are you tired of seeing the same old thing being made over and over again in predictable pendant, earring and ring designs? Origin 31’s ethos is one of originality – let’s bring the fun back.

Origin 31’s Executive Designer has experience of working in the jewellery trade for over 16 years with major brands. It was easy to recognise that commerciality has been the dominant driving force. Where has the design-lead focus gone?

Enter Origin 31, to develop fun, enticing jewellery and adornment where diversity and impact are the main focus whilst still maintaining high standards of quality and durability. We know that fun and quirky designs need not break the bank.

Origin 31 specialises in the design and manufacture of items which push boundaries, utilising a variety of different materials to provide items with the Wow factor such as lacquer, gemstones, leather and velvet. Materials and form should be an opportunity not a restriction. Rather than just pendant and stud earrings why not throw in a velvet choker or a silver hand or ear cuff? Use the curvature of the body to mould the designs. Inspiration comes from an infinite variety of different sources, from relationships, to the natural world or childhood games, anything goes!

Skills: Diamond Diploma, goldsmithing, high quality craft, value for money. Fun designs